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Open Government website

Thank you for your feedback on the design of the Open Government website.

Here is a summary of the suggestions we received, together with our responses.
A number of the suggestions have been incorporated into the design and functionality of the site. These include the following.

  • Links to both the Time to Talk and the Community Engagement website.
  • Social media sharing options, RSS feeds and links to ACT Government social media pages.
  • Information about the Government Information Office.
  • Links to media releases for Ministers as well as Directorates.
  • The ACT Government, like all Australian Governments, is working towards making its website material accessible, to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WACG 2.0) http://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/wcag.php

Some of the suggestions we received are not possible for legal reasons. These include:
• material released under FOI legislation before October 2011 cannot be published on the Open Government website for privacy reasons. Prior to 4 October 2011 applicants were not advised in advance that the material issued to them would be made publically available; and
• centralised online processing of FOI is not possible as each Directorate is responsible for managing their own FOI requests under current legislative arrangements. This will continue in the immediate future. This prevents a centralised fully online process.

We also received some suggestions that were outside of the scope of the project. We will follow up on these suggestions as we develop the site.  These include the following.

  • Twitter feed – there will not be a dedicated twitter feed on the Open Government site. There are links to social media pages of all the Directorates and Ministers.
  • Contracts register – there was feedback regarding the Contract Register website and this has been passed on to ACT Government Treasury Directorate.
  • Social media guidelines for public servants. These are currently under discussion and out for public consultation. The guidelines focus on the use of social media tools within the ACT Public Service.
  • Issues regarding the open licensing of ACT Government materials as Creative Commons are currently under investigation.

The Open Government website is now live you can find it here www.act.gov.au/opengovernment

We will continue developed and improve the site.

We welcome your feedback on the Open Government initiatives on Time to Talk.

Michael Chisnall, Director Government Information Office.

What do you think of the new the Open Government Website?


Draft Social Media Guidelines

Have your say on the ACT Government's Draft Social Media Guidelines?

The ACT is a well-informed community that expects government to take their views and knowledge into account when making decisions.  Canberrans are generally well equipped to participate in consultation processes and able to take advantage of a range of engagement tools, particularly those based on Information Computer Technology, including widely available and increasingly accessed social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

 The ACT Government recognises that staff and business units will be using social media to interact with each other and the ACT community, and that it presents the Government with a range of opportunities to engage more broadly with the community. The use of social media can enable government to engage in a more proactive way, and provides particular opportunities for the promotion of government activities and services.

 These guidelines provide a professional framework for online participation by ACT Government employees and to provide practical information on how to effectively use a range of social networking services.  They apply to all employees who use social media for ACT Government official purposes.  It is recognised that they will need to be regularly reviewed to reflect changing technology. 

Draft Social Media Guidelines [PDF]

Draft Social Media Guidelines [RTF]

Do you think these guidelines provide a useful framework for ACT public servants using social media? Is there anything else that needs to be considered?


Summary of Cabinet outcomes stats

Have your say on the summary of cabinet outcomes report - are they worthwhile?

On 27 June 2011, Cabinet released the first summary of Cabinet outcomes report. So far, eight reports have been released. You can find them all on the Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate website.

The first report had 422 visits to the page but the report released on Monday (5 September) has only recieved 18 visits.  

Website stats

Cabinet outcomes report website stats [PDF]

Cabinet outcomes report website stats [RTF]

Do you think releasing a summary of Cabinet outcomes is worthwhile?

Or email us at communicationsandengagement@act.gov.au or tweet @actcomms


ACT Virtual Community Cabinet

What did you think of the second ACT Virtual Community Cabinet?

Please let us know! or tweet us at @actvcc